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    • I’m still catching up with other things, and trying to resolve the MakerSlide problems, so I can’t do custom orders at the moment. They’re more of a courtesy, not part of “normal” operations, and usually more time-consuming than one would imagine. Maybe I should take a leaf from Inventables’ book and say “that’s the kit, one size only, no special requests”. However, I enjoy helping when I can and it pains me that I have to keep you waiting.

  1. hi, hope you are recovering well. I am interested in buying a full eShapeOko Mechanical Kit (with all the upgrades). Do you have an ETA on when I will be able to order one because currently ordering has been disabled? Thanks

    • I am much better, thank you.

      The eShapeOko depends on MakerSlide, and we have big problems with the current supplier. I’ll post a detailed update in a few days. To answer your question, it’s unlikely that we’ll have any MakerSlide before January.

      • would it be possible to order everything other than the MakerSlide from you? I have time off work over Christmas so I’m thinking building a cnc would be cool:)

        Other than the Mechanical Kit, what else would be needed to complete the cnc, and do you supply it all?


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