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      • There will be plenty to go round this time: a large batch in my garage, a lot of uncut rail warehoused at the factory and available at short notice as needed, and a two-week turnaround for replenishing that stock with new extrusion. Provided I stay on top of things and re-order when needed, it should not run out.

    • That’s how Bart Dring designed it. The solid wall instead of the sixth T-slot increases rigidity in that plane. When you run the rail horizontally, it’s best to put the single T-slot at the bottom. The asymmetry comes at the expense of some mounting flexibility, but I think that, overall, it’s an advantage.

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now waiting for this! So long that in actual fact I ordered a Shapeoko 2 from the US in the end (and it’s here, milling away!)

    But you haven’t lost a customer; as now I have the mill I’m sure I’ll be tinkering for years to come and the availability of anodised extrusion is surely a big bonus for me.

    Keep it up; hope that you have more success with this batch!

  2. Hi,

    Any news on the MakerSlides. I eager to buy a ShapeOko kit, but with the MakerSlides. Therefore I desperately waiting for the availability. 🙂


        • The prices of the eShapeoko kits have been reduced by the cost of the MakerSlide, and will return to the normal prices that include the rail.

          Clear anodized MakerSlide will stay the same price, at least in lengths of 750 mm or more: £12 per metre (including VAT). There will be a slight price increase for the shorter lengths.

          I don’t have the prices for hardcoat anodized MakerSlide yet.

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