eShapeoko Kits Update

There are only a few machines left from the current batch of version 1.2 kits.  We’ll make more soon — we have MakerSlide for them, and most of the parts.  However, until all custom parts and all commodity parts with longer lead times are here, we won’t take more orders.  (I am comfortable accepting orders if all we need are standard fasteners or T-slot aluminium profile — those come from very reliable suppliers on clockwork-like schedules — but, for items with more uncertainty, I’d rather wait until they arrive.  It helps me sleep better at night.)

Once they run out, expect the eShapeoko kits to be out of stock for about two weeks, while we’re fulfilling the orders we’ve already got.  Please don’t despair if you haven’t ordered yours — you would have had to wait about three weeks for delivery anyway.  MakerSlide was the only truly problematic part, and the supply of that is now secure, so there won’t be a repeat of the six-month gap in availability.