Reserving an eShapeoko Kit

Update (22 December 2015)

The eShapeoko kits are now available to buy directly. You do not need to make a reservation anymore. I have removed the form.


Original Post

Many people said they would like to reserve or pre-order an eShapeoko kit, to make sure they don’t miss out when it came back in stock.  I haven’t changed my decision on pre-orders (I will not accept paid pre-orders), but I don’t see why I could not reserve future stock.  I will keep a list of people who’d like to order a kit, and put aside those kits until they get around to ordering them.

If you’d like to reserve an eShapeoko kit, please use the contact form below (preferred), email me, or use the contact form in the store.

Please use the following code when describing the kit:

  • X rail type:
    • DX dual X rail
    • SX single X rail
  • X carriage spacers:
    • -N nylon spacers*
    • -A aluminium spacers (only available with dual X rail)
  • Frame type:
    • -s classic (closed) end plates (machine size limited to 375 × 500)
    • -OE open end plates (machine can be any size)*
    • -F deluxe frame (only available for 750 mm or longer Y axis)
  • Zaxisleadscrew type:
    • -M M8 threaded rod*
    • -Z Tr 8 x 2 trapezoidal screw
  • Motor mounting hardware:
    • -R NEMA17 on all axes*
    • -S NEMA23 on X axis, NEMA17 on Y and Z
    • -T NEMA23 on X and Y axes, NEMA17 on Z
    • -U NEMA23 on all axes
  • X rail length in mm (375, 500, 750, or 1000);
  • Y rail length in mm (375, 500, 750, 1000, or 1500).

Options with an asterisk are the defaults and can be omitted.

For example, DX-A-OE-Z-T 500×750 is a machine with dual X rail, aluminium spacers, open ends, trapezoidal leadscrew, NEMA23 motors on X and Y and NEMA17 on Z, X axis 500 mm long, Y axis 750 mm long.  DX-N-F-M-R 1000×750, or DX-F 1000×750 in short, is a machine with dual X rail, nylon spacers, the deluxe frame, standard M8 threaded rod leadscrew, NEMA17 motors on all axes, X axis 1 m long, Y axis 750 mm long.

I estimate the kits will be back in stock in the first half of August.  Reserving a kit is free and comes with no obligation, but I would appreciate it if you used this form only if you genuinely intended to buy.  Once a week or so, I will collate the requests and allocate them serial numbers (you’ll get an email).  This will help me plan ahead and make the delivery quicker.

Update: shipping cost

The store calculates the shipping automatically, based on the size and weight of the items in the basket, and on your address.  Because the kits are out of stock, you can’t put them in the basket, so that doesn’t work.  To give you an idea of what the shipping cost would be, for a typical large kit (1000×1500, weighing about 15 kg):

  • Domestic (UK): about £12 (about £24 to Northern Ireland, but small kits are much cheaper);
  • Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland: about £25;
  • Austria, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden: about £28;
  • Czech Republic, Hungary, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland: between £30 and £35;
  • Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania: between £49 and £56;
  • Cyprus, Malta: £65;
  • Croatia: £92.

For the really ridiculous rates (last three lines), the size of the kit matters a lot — smaller kits will be much less expensive to ship.  For the rates under £35, the size does not make such a difference (expect to pay about £5 less for the smallest kit).

Update: Confirmation Email

I collate the requests and send confirmations once a week.  Please do not ask for a confirmation in the comments, or by email, unless more than a week has passed and you did not get a confirmation email.  Thank you.

Update: Form Removed

Please order your eShapeoko in the store. It is no longer necessary to make a reservation.

71 thoughts on “Reserving an eShapeoko Kit

  1. Thanks for this possibility! It will save a lot of time checking if the kit is available again. I instantly reserved one last monday after reading this post 🙂


  2. Hi There,

    Could you also confirmation my reservation?
    Im also thinking of upping the size to 750×750 and the deluxe frame is this ok?


  3. Hi there, thanks for the confirmation email.
    If it’s not too much hassle, could I change my order (serial number 273) from a dual-x to a single-x?
    David Walker

    • No problem, but I advise against it. The machine will be usable for lightweight work, but you’ll be disappointed with how much it flexes.

      In fact, I am seriously thinking of removing the single X option, and offering only dual X rail, and only with aluminium spacers for the carriage. Less than 5% of orders are for single X rail or for dual X rail with nylon spacers. Removing the very rarely used choices would allow me to reduce the price of the popular choice a little, too.

  4. Hi there!
    Can you please confirm my reservation?
    Also can you please tell me an estimated delivery for the kit?

    Many thanks and keep on the good work!


    • I got your reservation.

      I still don’t have a firm date for the delivery of MakerSlide; my best guess is mid-August. Once it arrives, I’ll contact you to invite you place your order and pay for it. It should then take us a week or so to pack and ship your kit, but I’ll have a better estimate at that point. We’ll try to have as much work as possible done in advance (basically, everything but the MakerSlide packed), to make your wait as short as possible.

  5. Thanks for the confirmation e-mail. Could I make a slight amendment please to my order (number 275) as I got the x and y the wrong way round. As the X is the gantry, could I keep all the options the same, but the x be 750mm and the y 1000mm.



    • If possible I would like to upgrade to nema23 to x-y axis and add nema23 motors to the order. I would also discuss a possible y upgrade to 1mt, but I need your suggest about which motors are the best choice (nema23 0.9 or 1.8°) for a 50cm x100cm frame.

    • I saw it. Don’t worry, reservations come with no obligation — they just keep your place in the queue, and give me an idea of what you’d like to order, so that I can plan ahead. When you receive the invitation to order, you’re free to choose any configuration you want, regardless of what you reserved.

  6. Hi there,

    Filled out pre-order form on the 8th of December sent a follow up contact using the store contact us page on the 22nd but have had no confirmation mail or response to the follow up. Did you get my pre-order and do you have an eta ?

  7. Hello!

    Is there a huge demand of the product that no-one responds to enquiries and emails? Could you please send me a confirmation email if the eshapeoko kit will be available to buy and an approximate shipping time.
    Right now I haven’t got any confirmation from you despite having done the reservation via the form. That way I could have little assurance that this is in fact a viable thing here and also I could plan a little ahead 🙂


    • Got no email or enquiry from you, sorry. The only thing I have is a reservation from about a week ago. As the post with the reservation form explains, I collate and confirm the reservations about once a week. If there was anything else from you that somehow did not reach me, please re-send, or reply here if it’s not private.

    • I have received your reservation.

      I removed the single X options from the store, because 97% of the orders are for the dual-X version, but, if you really think the single X is better for you — that is, if you use the machine for very light duty such as pick and place, or milling foam — I still have the parts to make one or two single-X kits, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

  8. Please I’m still waiting for the invitation, the mail on 21 january said the time was about two week but a month is passed and no email. I’ve send you a request by e-mail a week ago but still no answer. I hope this blog is cheked.



    • I have your reservation, and I have responded to your email. When I said two weeks, I was expecting the MakerSlide to be delivered that week. They have not delivered it yet, and I am not prepared to accept more orders until I have the rail in hand.

  9. Hi,

    We´ve sent a reservation email on 14 february and a reminder last week with no answer.

    Can you confirm us you received the reservation?


  10. Hi

    i’ve sent you a pre order for a eShapeoko kit about a month ago and i never get an answer for that order, about 2 weeks ago i also leave you a message via contact us form in the online store and also i don’t have an answer. Can you please update me for the status of the order. The name is Pedro Serodio. Thanks

    • I have your reservation. Once we have the delivery of MakerSlide, I will send out a set of invitations to order, and update emails to everyone else. I’ll post on this blog when I do that.

  11. Just placed a reservation as I was awaiting the “early rush” after the kickstarter to order some slide. That didn’t happen so I’ve reserved.

    Wiki is very empty though…!

  12. Hi,
    I reserved an eShapeoko last week (the 8th of december I think), but still no confirmation for the moment.
    Can you please confirm my reservation.
    I also have to tell you that the adress I gave is wrong and I will have to give you the correct one.
    Did you find a solution for your makerslide cutting issue ?


    Best regards

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