All ordered eShapeoko kits are out (collected yesterday by the couriers).  I have to update the script that sends out tracking numbers, because it seems to be broken.

I still have a bunch of non-eShapeoko orders to ship, a few more than three days old; sorry for making you wait.

I will send a new lot of invitation emails for reserved eShapeoko kits tonight, as well as confirmations for outstanding reservations.

It seems we’re settling into a workable pattern, now that we have a good space to pack kits and other orders, and a more reliable supplier of MakerSlide (still not perfect, but much better than the old one).  I think we might catch up with all reserved kits in four weeks or so, so that we can finally sell the eShapeoko kit from stock.

Some Progress

I packed the very old orders, and all but one of the corrections for eShapeoko kits, and generated shipping labels for them.  Some have already been collected.

I am working on more recent orders, and on the eShapeoko kits.

I am not caught up on email yet — there’s still some from last week: sorry about that — but getting there.

I posted a corrected version of the eShapeoko packing lists.  You can find them here (PDF files): version 1.2.1 and version 1.2.2.


I had a terrible week, and I neglected my duties.

  • Unanswered email: knee-deep. Will go through it later tonight and tomorrow morning.
  • eShapeoko kit corrections: rail packed, small bits picked but not packed for shipping. Need to put them in boxes and padded envelopes, tape them to the rail packs, weigh the packages, and generate shipping labels. Doing that now.
  • Non-eShapeoko orders: I have a few orders (with MakerSlide) that are more than a week old that need to be shipped out. Again, the rail is packed and the other parts picked, and I’m doing them tonight.
  • eShapeoko orders: will work on those next (tomorrow); I would like to have them collected by the couriers by mid-week. Sorry for taking so long.
  • Reserved eShapeoko kits: I’ll invite another set of people to order their kits once these are packed. Thank you for your patience.

The only good news is that I managed to move almost all MakerSlide (except the 2 m lengths) to the new address, so things should go much smoother in the future.

eShapeoko Kits, Moving House, and NEMA 23 Motors

We’re almost completely moved into the new place, although the MakerSlide is still at the old address (it’s a 10-minute drive, so that’s not too bad, but it can be annoying).

We’ll ship the outstanding eShapeoko orders this week, and invite the next people in the queue to order.

About the orders I messed up: I figured out who got what, and what I need to send out to fix the mess.  I packed all the small bits, I just need to pack the MakerSlide for those who need it.

NEMA 23 motors are back in stock.