eShapeoko and MakerSlide Update


We should have our store completely restocked the week of 19 January.


All but three paid kits are now shipped, and I started working on the next cycle.  If you reserved a kit, you will receive an email in the next day or so.  It will be either the invitation to place your order, or an estimate of how long the wait is likely to be.

Complete eShapeoko Kits

No, we still won’t do them as such, but I’m reminding you that you can read this purchasing guide to find out what else you need to have a complete, working machine.

NEMA 23 Stepper Motors

There are very few of these left in stock.  More are on their way from the supplier, but I made a larger order this time, so I opted for the slow boat.  Very, very slow boat, it turns out: they’re still at least a month out.  When the stock runs out, we’ll continue to accept orders for them, but they will not ship until we get them at some point in February.  This means we’ll hold your entire order until the motors arrive.  (I’ll explain this clearly in the store, but my experience is that at least one in ten customers will not read that, so I have to keep on top of it and send emails.  A warning during checkout would be better, but the store can’t do that.)

The Exciting Bits

New Profiles

I’m designing two new aluminium profiles, one inspired by Edward Ford’s Shapeoko 3, the other an older idea that languished until Edward’s announcement.  I’ll post more about this soon, or you can read about the larger profile here.

3D Printer

I may have mentioned this before: a few months ago, I started working on a new 3D printer.  It’s based on MakerSlide, and it’s superficially similar to Bart Dring’s ORD Bot.  I still plan to finish the second prototype and get it going.  It’s not a revolutionary product by any means; it’s just another option, with similar performance as some existing products.

I also have a design for an extruder (cold end only) that will be very simple and very compact — if it works.  I’m not saying more about it until I have a prototype.

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  1. Hello,

    sorry to reply here. I’m french and I make a reservation for eshapeoko configurable size but I don’t received any update for few weeks (about more than1 month).
    Do you have received my reservation ?

    Thanks a lot for feedback


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