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  1. hi, are Marzia Pedercini (Order: #150414-170807-3958) is already the third time that I send an email with no response, I ask you kindly to the news about my order, I would like to receive news by weekend otherwise I will have to take action.

    • Hopefully you will see this response, because my email did not reach you (that has happened a few times with Gmail addresses).

      When you placed your order, there was a notice that it would ship “the week of 20 April”. That’s has now passed, and I apologize that we’re late. We still have a bunch of orders to ship, which will go out tomorrow and the day after. I’ve been in crunch mode at my day job, working long hours and the weekend, so I had very little time for the store. Once again, I’m sorry.

      • hi, i’ m Marzia Pedercini (Order: #150414-170807-3958).
        today I checked your site, and unfortunately I have seen that my order and still going, politely I might know when it will be carried out on the expedition.
        Thanks and best regards

  2. Hi Catalin,

    I am still waiting for an answer (two mail sent) on a forecasted delivery date regarding my order (#150331-180626-8632) placed on 31st March 2015

    Best regards,

    • I am sorry, eShapeoko orders will take a few more days. I know your order is now more than a month old, and I’m sorry about that. Being away for three weeks, followed by crunch time at my day job (ongoing) really made our customer service terrible…

  3. After a long wait i continue waiting for a answer about my order. I´ve sent 2 e-mails to know any information about the order. In the first em-mail you said that the order would be shipped in the Thursday or Friday of the last week.
    It has passed one week and i did not received any information about that, the status of the order in the site continues “Processing”

    Can you please update me of my order, thanks

    Order #150330-160712-5223

    • I’ll try to respond here, because it seems emails are being lost (not the first time it happens, I’m afraid). I have three eShapeoko orders to pack and ship, including yours. I will get them this week.

      I am sorry it’s taking this long. I’ve been in crunch mode at my day job, working all day and weekends, for almost four weeks.

  4. Hello,

    I reserved Eshapeoko ( DX -A -F -Z -U 1000X1500 ) few week ago and i have no news. I send you a email few day ago too.
    I have the time, just want if i’m in a list.

    Thanks for your work, bye !

  5. Hi there, I placed an order for some MakerSlide rails, wheels and bearings (150427-153110-6973) and have seen that other customers are waiting quite some time for their orders.

    Are all orders in the same queue with all the Eshapeoko kits or are orders for raw materials in a different (i.e. faster) queue?

  6. Hi

    I sent you a message on 29th April about my order #150407-103636-6247 but haven’t had a response. Can you confirm when I’m likely to receive it?

  7. Good night, i need to know if my Eshapeoko kit has been shipped already. It will do just about one month and a half that the order was placed and paid . i have a little bit hurry about that, because the machine is gonna be part of my final year project, and i don’t have too much time until the filing date .

    the kit is already shipped????? #150330-160712-5223

    Best regards

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