Basic MakerSlide kit (manual camera slider)

Basic MakerSlide kit (manual camera slider)
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   The 1500 mm and 2000 mm versions will be back in stock on 19 March 2020   

This is a basic MakerSlide slider.  It consists of the MakerSlide rail, a standard MakerSlide carriage plate, and four V-wheels with all the hardware (including the eccentric spacers).

It is designed to install with the eccentric spacers on the opposite side of the plate as the V-wheels; to install them on the same side, you also need two 6.35mm spacers for the fixed wheels, which you can purchase separately from our store.

The kit can be used as a manual camera slider, or as a starting point for a number of MakerSlide projects.

Please note that the image shows a motorized camera slider.  The motor, motor bracket, belt pulley, belt idlers, belt and belt anchors are not included in this version.

If used as a camera slider, you need a way to attach the camera to the moving carriage plate, and the MakerSlide to some form of support (e.g. two tripods).  We carry both 1/4" and 3/8" screws that can be used to attach a camera, a quick-release mechanism, or a ball head to the plate.  We don't have a ready-made means of attaching the MakerSlide to the tripods, but we're working on a mounting plate with a 1/4" threaded hole.  It will be available as a separate item.  In the meantime, as a simple solution for attaching a quick-release plate to MakerSlide, you can remove the 1/4" screw and replace it with a M5 screw and a T-slot insertion nut.

Product Code K-SL1
Manufacturer A/S/L
Condition New
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