Belt anchors, buckle type, set of 2

Belt anchors, buckle type, set of 2
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Product Information

This is a pair of belt anchors (one for each end of a belt) suitable for up to 6.35 mm (0.25") wide rubber belt (MXL, GT2 etc).  They work much like a belt buckle.  They are very compact, and they allow the belt to run on top of the MakerSlide.

For installation, please follow the last two steps of the camera slider assembly instructions.

These anchors are 1.5 mm thick stainless steel, and they are only 12 mm wide.  The V-wheels can run past them, so they don't limit travel.  This is a useful upgrade for the Shapeoko 2, where the stock anchors get in the way.  These anchors gain a couple of centimetres of travel.

The anchors are supplied with insertion nuts and two sets of screws.  The 10 mm long socket cap screw (with three washers) works as an endstop: the V-wheel bolt or nut bumps into it and prevents the wheel from running off the rail (useful for the camera slider).  The 8 mm long button cap screw (with a single washer) clears the V-wheel assembly and lets the wheel run past the belt anchor (useful when an endstop already exists, for instance in the Shapeoko).


  • 2 x LBB buckle-type belt anchor
  • 2 x S5-8B socket button head screw, M5 x 8 mm
  • 2 x S5-10 socket cap screw, M5 x 10 mm
  • 6 x W5 washer, M5 form A
  • 2 x N5TI insertion nut, M5, pre-assembly

Please note that the camera slider kit already includes a pair of these.  The basic slider does not have a motor or a belt, so it does not.

Where belt tightness is critical, or it is important to match the tension in two belts, our other belt attachment system may be a better choice.  It has belt anchor plates with slots for the belt (two versions: belt-on-top and belt-on-the-outside), plus a belt tensioner and belt clamps.

Product Code K-LBB
Manufacturer A/S/L
Condition New
Weight 0.025kg

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