Stepper Shield, complete kit Stepper Shield, complete kit
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   All gone! We now have our own version of the stepper shield.   

This is the PCB and all the parts for a Stepper Shield, compatible with Arduino Uno (running, for example, GRBL).  The PCB is a very fine product from Reactive Substance, lovingly crafted out of 2oz copper-clad FR4 board, with a cool matt black solder resist and yellow silkscreen.  Holes are through-plated and tinned.

This board, on top of an Arduino One, is one of the two most popular electronics options for the ShapeOko (the other one is the grblShield).  The stepper shield can take up to four Pololu A4988 driver carrier boards (or the pin-compatible StepStick drivers); they are labelled X, Y, Z and A.  There are jumpers to connect the A driver as a standalone axis or as a second driver for the Y.  The latter is a very useful option for the dual-Y eShapeOko.  Microstepping can be configured independently for all four drivers.

Note that, although it is possible, in principle, to use this shield with an Arduino Mega, GRBL won't work on the Mega without modification.

All the components necessary to build the shield are included.  The driver carrier boards (e.g. Pololu A4988) are not included.  Please check out the Reactive Substance website for more details, a list of parts, and assembly instructions (they have videos, too).  Please note that this is a kit, not an assembled board.  Soldering is required, but it's not a difficult project: all the parts are through-hole, and nothing is static-sensitive except the driver boards themselves.

PCB is part number C16013 Rev 3.

Product Code EL003
Manufacturer A/S/L
Condition New
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