Headers, male 8-pin 25mm tall, 0.1" pitch, set of 2 (for Pololu drivers)

Headers, male 8-pin 25mm tall, 0.1
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Product Information

These are tall male header pins with two plastic bodies, to replace the short ones supplied with the Pololu drivers.  They give more space between the driver and the board it's plugged in, which improves cooling.  They also give more than enough space to mount an aluminium heatsink on the underside of the black and purple drivers (not recommended with the green A4988 drivers).  The driver chip is designed to sink most of the heat through its bottom, into the PCB, where it reaches the back side through a number of thermal vias.  The underside of the PCB is the best location for a heatsink by far (an order of magnitude lower thermal resistance compared to the top of the chip), and these headers provide the room for it.  Even our tall copper heatsinks will fit underneath when used with a GAUPS or buildlog.net stepper shield (but we can't guarantee it for other types of board).

Pitch: 0.1" (2.54 mm)

Height: 1" (25.4 mm)

Number of pins: 16 (2 headers with 8 pins each)

Pin shape: square

Surface finish: gold flash

Product Code EL008
Condition New
Weight 0.005kg

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