Screw drive kit for M8 threaded rod, both ends supported

Screw drive kit for M8 threaded rod, both ends supported


Product Information

This is a kit that allows a MakerSlide carriage to be driven by an M8 threaded rod, supported at both ends.  It includes hardware to attach a NEMA17 stepper motor, a M8-threaded acetal (Delrin) lead nut, four motor/bearing plates, and all hardware and spacers needed to assemble this and secure both ends to the MakerSlide.  Our MakerSlide carriage plates already have suitable holes for the lead nut.

Please note that the M8 threaded rod is not included.  It needs to be at least 40 mm longer than the MakerSlide (23 mm at the end with the motor, at least 17 mm at the opposite end).

The stepper motor, MakerSlide, a suitable carriage, V-wheels and so on are not included.

For assembly instructions, please follow the eShapeoko Z axis assembly for the driven end, and do largely the same at the opposite end (using shorter M3 screws with nuts instead of the long screws and spacers holding the motor).

If using this kit with a camera slider or basic slider kit, assemble the slider carriage with the eccentric spacers on the same side as the V-wheels, and two washers between the eccentric spacer and the V-wheel, and use a 6.35mm spacer (with a washer on each side) on the fixed V-wheels. This will give just enough room for the 13mm thick leadnut to fit between the rail and the carriage.  6.35mm spacers are available separately (although if you started with a camera slider, you'd have two spare spacers from the now unused idler wheels).

What's included:

  • 4 × LZP motor mount plate
  • 2 × LZS rail shim
  • 1 × MLN lead nut, M8 thread
  • 2 × G8F flanged ball bearing, F608ZZ or F608-2RS
  • 1 × FC5-8 flexible coupler, 5mm to 8mm
  • 6 × W3N nylon washer, M3 × 1.58mm
  • 4 × W5N nylon washer, M5 × 1.38mm
  • 6 × D3-13 nylon spacer, M3 × 20.64mm
  • 3 × N3 hex nut, M3
  • 9 × W3 washer, M3
  • 3 × S3-12 hex socket cap screw, M3 × 12mm
  • 3 × S3-50 hex socket cap screw, M3 × 50mm
  • 6 × W5 washer, M5
  • 2 × S5-12 hex socket cap screw, M5 × 12mm
  • 4 × S5-18 hex socket cap screw, M5 × 18mm
  • 4 × N8T hex nut, M8, thin
Product Code K-LZP-2
Manufacturer A/S/L
Condition New
Weight 0.240kg

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