MakerSlide custom length

MakerSlide custom length


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Custom length MakerSlide (or standard 20 mm × 40 mm T-slot profile) is cut out of standard sizes.

Please place the next largest stock size MakerSlide in the basket, plus one of this product for each piece to be cut. Add a note to your order stating which stock lengths you need us to cut, to what lengths, and how many of them. Please be very clear.

For example, if you need three 655 mm pieces of MakerSlide, put three 750 mm MakerSlide in your basket, and three "MakerSlide custom length". The order note should say something like "cut 3 x 750 mm MakerSlide to 3 x 655 mm"

Note that, even though three 655 mm pieces could be cut out of a single 2000 mm piece of MakerSlide (which costs less than three 750 mm pieces), you'd have to pay for four cuts. What you're paying for is a rough cut followed by facing the end on a second machine: in cutting one piece in three, while there are only three cuts, there are four new faces to finish. You can have two pieces cut of one piece of MakerSlide, that's fine, it's still two cuts, one per resulting piece. For example, we can cut one 450 mm and one 545 mm out of a single 1000 mm piece. Allow 4 mm wastage (saw kerf plus depth of two facing operations).

For a custom-size eShapeoko, you need:

  standard frame deluxe frame
custom X rail length, standard Y 4 cuts 6 cuts*
custom Y rail length, standard X 2 cuts 4 cuts
custom X and Y rail length 6 cuts 10 cuts*

* The deluxe frame has four access holes in each piece of transversal profile. If you customize the X rail length, we have to drill these holes too. This is why we charge for two extra cuts.

The custom eShapeoko size can only be smaller than the size you order, and always smaller than the largest available machine. Contact us to discuss larger machines.

Please specify lengths in multiples of 1 mm. Minimum length is 180 mm. Use the "contact us" form to discuss if you need shorter parts. Our cuts have a tolerance of plus or minus 0.5 mm for lengths up to 750 mm, 0.75 mm up to 1000 mm, and 1 mm above 1000 mm, but we usually do better than that. If you order multiple pieces up to 750 mm long, we will cut them and finish them with the same setting, resulting in accurately matched lengths (to within 0.1 mm or so). We can not easily do this for longer pieces. Please don't hesitate to use the "contact us" form if you have any questions (ideally before you place your order).

Cut pieces can not be returned unless defective.

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