Open end plates for eShapeoko (and Shapeoko 1)

Open end plates for eShapeoko (and Shapeoko 1)
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Please note that the current design is slightly different.  One of the top corners is cut out.  This is to reduce shipping weight, so that a set is just under 1 kg, instead of just over 1 kg.  We will update the images soon.

This is a set of four new end plates for the eShapeOko and ShapeOko.  They allow the machine to be extended in the X direction, with the added benefit of opening the front and rear of the machine.  This allows the workpiece to stick out of the machine in the Y direction.  With some form of indexing, arbitrarily long pieces can be machined.

The end plates include belt anchoring slots for the same two configurations supported by the original end plates, plus a belts-on-top configuration (same as the stock X belt).  The latter is very compact, thus useful when the machine is fitted with bellows to protect the rail from debris.  You will need one belt tensioner and one set of belt clamps for each belt.

Please note that you need two cross-pieces (not supplied), one to connect the two front plates together, and one to connect the two rear plates together.  They can be T-slot extrusion (20mm by 40mm or wider recommended, at least 60mm longer than your X MakerSlide), for instance the Misumi HFS5 series (or a cheaper alternative).  Or they can be anything sturdy enough (other aluminium profiles, angle iron — or the end plates can even be bolted directly to a table).  For use with T-slot extrusion, eight M5 x 10mm screws, washers and T-slot insertion nuts are supplied.  For the other options, you need your own fasteners.  Do not run your machine without first securing the end plates together, because you risk damaging the Y V-wheels.

For Shapeoko 1, you still need the stock belt anchors to use the original belt configuration; or you can use the lower two NEMA23 holes for the idlers and move the belts to the outside.  Of course, you can also drill new holes in your motor plates for the idlers (center-punch first!) and use any of the eShapeoko belt configurations.

Please note that the configurable-size eShapeoko kit already includes these end plates.

Product Code K-LXP
Manufacturer A/S/L
Condition New
Weight 0.900kg

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