EShapeoko 1.2 Assembly: V-wheels

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EShapeOko assembly step 01 V-wheel 1.png

Item Part Number Part Description Count
For each wheel
1 MW1 V-wheel sleeve 1
2 G5 5 × 16 × 5 mm bearing 2
3 W5Pa 5 mm precision washer 1

Lay one bearing on a flat surface. Push a V-wheel sleeve over it. The parts are designed to force-fit, so push firmly straight down. Thread this on a long M5 bolt, bearing side first, followed by a precision washer and the second bearing. Place the second bearing on a flat surface, and push the V-wheel sleeve over it too. Make sure both bearings are in as far as they will go. Remove the bolt.

If the V-wheel does not rotate smoothly, see Troubleshooting.

EShapeOko assembly step 01 V-wheel 2.png

Repeat 16 times (single X rail) or 20 times (dual X rail).

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