EShapeoko 1.3 Assembly: X belt

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Preliminary instructions

You'll need one belt (200 mm longer than your X axis) and a third of the parts from Pack 11, with the belt tensioner tapped M5.

Please review the X and Y carriage instructions for placement of the belt.

Make two clamps out of two oval plates, two 10 mm long M5 screws, and two nuts each. Place one clamp a few millimeters from one end of the belt and tighten firmly. Thread the free end of the belt, teeth down, through the belt anchor plate; around one idler, the belt pulley on the motor shaft, and the other idler; and through the opposite anchor plate.

Place a belt tensioner on the belt (with the threaded hole pointing up for belt configurations A, B, E, F; or down, for configurations C and D), and add another clamp. Pulling on the belt and holding the belt clamp against the belt tensioner and belt anchor, tighten the clamp firmly, then insert a 14 mm long M5 screw in the belt tensioner. Tighten this screw to increase belt tension. The belts need to be fairly taut, but do not overtighten, or you'll damage the belt and reduce the life of the pulley and motor bearings.

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