EShapeoko 1.3 Assembly: Z motor

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Preliminary instructions

You need all the parts from Pack 9, and the motor plate assembly from the previous step. You also need the threaded rod or leadscrew (packed separately) and the rectangular lead nut.

Put the flexible coupler on the motor shaft, but do not tighten it yet.



Use the three long M3 screws to attach the motor to the Z motor plate, on the same side as the bearing. Use one longer and one shorter spacer on each screw. Use the three holes at the corners of the plate; do not use the hole near the larger oval holes.


Put a washer on each screw. Insert them through the three holes in the corners of the plate, from the side opposite the bearing. Put one longer and one shorter spacer on each screw. Offer the motor. Put a washer and a nut on each screw. Tighten, holding the nuts with an open-ended 8 mm spanner.


Insert the leadscrew or threaded rod through the bearing and into the flexible coupler. Push it until it touches the motor shaft, then back out 1 mm. Tighten the set screws on the bearing. If they don't line up, the bearing can be rotated inside its block: hold the plate and motor assembly firmly, and use the screw as a lever to force the bearing to move. Align the bearing with the coupler; you'll do more adjustment once you've mounted the MakerSlide.

Move the flexible coupler as close to the bearing as possible (it's okay if it touches it). Making sure that the set screw lines up with the flat on the motor shaft, tighten the jaws of the coupler, then the set screws. If using a threaded rod, loosen the jaws one turn of the screw before tightening the set screw.

Thread the lead nut onto the leadscrew, about half of the way.

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