EShapeoko 1.4 Assembly: Gantry

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For this step, you need some parts from Pack 7. You also need the assembled X and Y carriages, and the the X rail.

(TO DO: instructions for alternate configurations. In the meantime, use |the instructions for version 1.3.)

Gantry and X belt anchor (shown here with NEMA 23 motors) (TO DO: update image to show the correct part LBA3.)
Item Part Number Part Description Count
1 S5-14 M5 14 mm cap screw 8
2 W5 M5 washer (form A) 8
3 LBA3 Belt anchor (belt behind rail) 2

Bolt the assembled Y carriages to the X MakerSlide using four screws each. The screws holding the rear X rail also attach the belt anchors. Orient the belt anchors as shown.

This is a good time to square the Z axis. Assemble this on a flat surface and use a set square to ensure that the X carriage is vertical. Do this with the X carriage near each Y motor plate, to make sure both ends are square. Tighten the screws firmly.

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