EShapeoko 1.4 Assembly: X and Y Motors

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During this step, you will assemble three motor plates:

  • The rear side of the X carriage;
  • The left side of the gantry (the left Y carriage);
  • The right side of the gantry (the right Y carriage).

You need three of the four motor plates, the motors, and the contents of Pack 3 and Pack 4. The hardware for the idler wheels is in Pack 3, which also contains parts for the next step. Pack 4 contains the hardware and belt pulleys for both X and Y motors.

The left and right Y carriages must be mirror images of each other. As looking into the shaft of the motor, the left motor plate should have the cut-off corner on the left, and the right motor plate should have it on the right. The X motor plate can be positioned either way, but it is illustrated here with the cut-off corner on the left. Please assemble two plates as shown, and one mirror image.

If you use an alternate belt configuration, you may need other parts instead of, or in addition to, those supplied. Two add-on kits are available for the more compact belt-on-top configurations, one for NEMA 17 and one for NEMA 23 motors.

(TO DO: continue...)

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