EShapeoko 1.2 Assembly: Smooth idler wheels

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For this step, you need the remaining parts from Packs 1 and 2.

EShapeOko assembly step 02 idler wheel 1.png

Item Part Number Part Description Count
For each wheel
1 MW2 Smooth idler wheel sleeve 1
2 G5 5 × 16 × 5 mm bearing 2
3 W5Pa 5 mm precision washer 1

Lay one bearing on a flat surface. Push an idler wheel sleeve over it (lip up, of course). The parts are designed to force-fit, so push firmly straight down. Thread this on a long M5 bolt, lip side first, followed by a precision washer and the second bearing. Place the second bearing on a flat surface, and push the idler wheel sleeve over it too. Make sure the bearings are all the way in, with the first bearing resting against the lip of the sleeve. Remove the bolt.

If the idler wheel does not rotate smoothly, see Troubleshooting.

EShapeOko assembly step 02 idler wheel 2.png

Repeat six times.

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