EShapeoko 1.2 Assembly Instructions

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We have tried to make these instructions as clear and easy to follow as possible. However, even with the benefit of the simplicity of the MakerSlide system, it is still a fairly complex machine, with many parts, so the assembly can be daunting. To make it easier, we broke it down into fairly small steps.

We welcome questions, corrections, and suggestions for improvement.

These updated instructions apply to the previous versions of the kits too, with some limitations (for instance, the upper NEMA 23 hole pattern may not be present on earlier motor plates). The instructions aim to cover all options and features, including some alternate motor mounting options and belt and idler configurations.

The only material changes from the previous version of the instructions affect the X carriage, where the bolts have been reversed, and assembly starts with the front plate. This should give more clearance for different spindle mounting systems. For dual X rail with aluminium spacers, the instructions also eliminate the trial-and-error step in determining the set of washers that match the spacing of the V-wheels to that of the two rails (when bolted together).

During the build, please pay attention to the washers: follow the instructions exactly.

The instructions are incomplete; in the meantime, please use the previous version for the steps not covered here yet.

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Until the instructions are fully updated, please continue using the 1.1 instructions:

For the belts, please refer to the drawings from this step.

EShapeoko v1.2 s.png