EShapeoko 1.3 Assembly: Spindle mounts

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Preliminary instructions

You need the entire contents of Pack 10.

EShapeOko assembly step 15 spindle mounts.png

Item Part Number Part Description Count
1 EM-N5I M5 T-slot insertion nut 4
2 EM-LTMa Spindle mount 2
3 EM-S5-10 M5 10mm cap screw 4
4 EM-LTS Spindle strap 2
5 EM-S5-55 M5 55mm cap screw 4
6 EM-W5 M5 washer (form A) 4
7 EM-D5-12 M5 19.05mm spacer 8

Note that the drawing shows an eShapeoko 1.2 Z axis assembly; the spindle mounts have not changed, though, so this step is the same.

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