EShapeoko 1.4 Assembly Instructions

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We have tried to make these instructions as clear and easy to follow as possible. However, even with the benefit of the simplicity of the MakerSlide system, it is still a fairly complex machine, with many parts, so the assembly can be daunting. To make it easier, we broke it down into fairly small steps.

We welcome questions, corrections, and suggestions for improvement.

The instructions aim to cover all options and features, including some alternate motor mounting options and belt and idler configurations.

In version 1.4, the belt attachment and tensioning has been changed to use fewer parts. These support both 6 mm and 9 mm wide belts. Upgrading to 9 mm belts is now easy: simply replace the belts, the idler sleeves, and the toothed pulleys.

Also in version 1.4, we have eliminated a drilling operation for the deluxe frame. We now supply pre-drilled frame components.

In version 1.3, the Z axis had been updated, with a new motor plate and a new type of bearing. This simplified assembly considerably.

During the build, it's easier to keep the small parts in their bags until needed. We have reworked how parts are divided between bags to align better with the assembly steps. You need the bags in numerical order, and you need to open no more than two of them at a time.

Please pay attention to the washers: follow the instructions exactly.

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