EShapeoko 1.6 Assembly Instructions

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Please use the EShapeoko 1.4 Assembly Instructions.

There are changes in the appearance of the motor plates and of the spindle mounts, but the same instructions apply, with the following differences:

Prep work

In addition to EShapeoko 1.4 Assembly: Prep Work, if you have the deluxe frame, identify the two lengths of aluminium extrusion that are parallel to the Y axis. These are 80 mm shorter than the Y rail, and do not have access holes.

Tap both holes at each end of these two pieces, M5 × 0.8 mm (standard M5 thread), same as the MakerSlide.

Do not tap the remaining two profiles.

X carriage

Follow the EShapeoko 1.4 Assembly: X Carriage instructions, except note the following important differences in the layout of the spacers. Versions up to 1.5 used off-the-shelf spacers and a mix of washers to achieve the exact distance required between the V-wheels on the same bolt (and between the plates on the other four bolts). This version uses custom made spacers of the exact length required, so we don't need the extra washers.

  • All M5 washers are the same Form A washer (nominal 1.0 mm thick, actual 0.95 mm), part number W5. There is no part W5B anymore.
  • On bolts A and B, between the V-wheels, instead of two washers, one spacer, and two more washers, use just the supplied 29 mm spacer, without any washers. The spacer should contact the inner race of the bearing directly. (Note that there's still a washer between each V-wheel and the carriage plate.)
  • On bolts C and D, between the carriage plates, instead of a washer, two spacers, and another washer, use just the supplied 52.9 mm spacer, without any washers. The spacer should be in direct contact with the carriage plates.

Everything else remains the same.