Part Designs on GitHub

At long last, I put the drawings of the laser-cut metal parts on GitHub:  A few are parts designed specifically for the eShapeoko, but most are generally useful MakerSlide accessories.  For instance, parts EM-LZP and EM-LZS, the eShapeoko Z motor plate and shim, can also be used for a leadscrew-driven standard MakerSlide carriage (EM-LCP or EM-LCM).

The machined custom parts (V-wheel and idler sleeves, eccentric spacers, lead nut, spindle mounts) are the same as the ones used by the Shapeoko and sold by Inventables, and they are made from the same drawings.

If you’re interested in parts that we don’t yet sell separately in the store, please use the “Contact Us” link in the store to suggest a kit or to request a price for a specific list of parts.

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