We now have a door between the house and the garage! That makes a huge difference, not having to run all around the house in the rain (or hail immediately followed by snow, as today). I spent all my free time yesterday and today cleaning up the mess, unpacking stuff I had put away, and generally getting the garage ready for business again.

There’s no news on MakerSlide. It’s been ordered from the fabricator a while ago, I accepted a price hike (which I won’t pass on this time), and they should be cutting and packing it.

There’s no news on MegaRail. I got quotes for the extrusion dies, but I’m still waiting for quotes for the rails themselves.

There’s no news on eShapeoko. Now that we have a working area again, we’ll get back to packing and shipping them. We’re a few days behind with the regular orders, too – sorry.

2 thoughts on “Door

  1. Do you have a rough timeframe for a megarail based CNC kit? I was going to order an eShapeOko this spring but I would love to have a stronger machine that can cope with aluminium a little better. I already have a 1000W Kress Spindle.

    • Very rough. I haven’t got a time estimate for the profiles yet, but past experience says it’ll be about three months. I can work on machine design and search for fabricators in the meantime — the profile is the critical item.

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