MakerSlide and NEMA 23 Update


I just spoke to the fabricator. They have finished cutting our MakerSlide, so all that’s left is to arrange delivery. But they work short days on Fridays, and the person who can do that has already gone home. So, next week!

NEMA 23 Motors

The ship is in port and they’re unloading the containers. I got an incorrect invoice for customs charges, so I’ve asked them to amend it. That should not cause a delay, though. They expect to deliver the motors to us on Thursday.

4 thoughts on “MakerSlide and NEMA 23 Update

  1. Not having much look with that company. First the only guy that can cut the MakerSlide is off sick then when he gets back and cuts it the only person that can arrange delivery has already gone home!! you’ve got to laugh 😀

    • They worked on it the whole week, apparently. But, indeed, I’m not happy. I’m just not sure whether a larger company would treat us any better. Our volume is relatively small, and the profile requires special handling to avoid damage, so we’re not an ideal customer. 🙂

    • If the factory finally ship it to me!

      It will take me only a few hours to inspect some samples and put the rail back in stock in store. It’ll be up the same day the pallets arrive.

      Last Friday, they said it was done. I’ll know where we are later today.

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