Mounting Solution for Z Limit Switches

This mounting kit for the Z limit switches is coming soon to the store:

Z-limit-switch-mounting-2It consists of a bracket for the limit switches, with hardware to attach to the front X motor plate, and two tabs that push the limit switches, with screws and insertion nuts to attach to the Z rail.  The limit switches already include the screws and nuts to attach them to the bracket.  Here’s what they look like installed (note that the tabs are small enough to pass by the V-wheels unimpeded):

Z-limit-switch-mounting-1The kit is compatible with all eShapeoko versions.

(You can still reserve your eShapeoko kit here.)

2 thoughts on “Mounting Solution for Z Limit Switches

    • Thank you. It’s the bent laser-cut metal variant of the 3D-printed part I originally envisioned. It will come flat, but it’s very easy to bend (it’s 0.9 mm stainless steel, with perforations to help with the bending). The laser-cut parts should arrive from the fabricator on Tuesday.

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