More eShapeOko Parts Arrive

As we approach the day when the eShapeOko kits are ready to ship, I am going to try to keep you up to date.  This is the first of these updates.

Yesterday I received a shipment of 18-tooth MXL pulleys.  Unfortunately, they are utter crap. At least half of them are unusable, and the rest are just awful.  Some are more eccentric than the eccentric spacers, all have the toothed part slanted with respect to the flanges, and none are bored straight.  Most flanges are not parallel, and the distance between the flanges varies between less than 7mm and about 7.5mm.  They’re not anodised (as they should have been), and the tooth profile is inaccurate, with valleys too wide and ridges too thin: they would have lots of backlash.  To add insult to injury, one of them (just one!) has 20 teeth, not 18. I have no choice but to write them off.  (Of course, I will try to get a refund, but I’m not holding my breath.)

Fortunately, I know where to buy good pulleys, so the kits won’t be delayed because of this setback.  They won’t be cheap, but I won’t increase the price of the kit.  The dual-Y upgrade also includes one pulley — I won’t change the price of that either.  However, I have to give up my plan to sell extra pulleys in the store, because I can’t offer them at a reasonable price.

I am ordering the fasteners and Z threaded rod today, all in nice shiny stainless steel, from a UK-based supplier I trust.

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