eShapeOko BOM Up Now

Finally, the parts list (bill of materials) for the eShapeOko kit is on the wiki.

I ordered the fasteners yesterday.  Everything was in stock, so they will be here on Monday and I can start divvying them up into kits, to get a head start.  I’m not looking forward to counting washers!  Luckily, I have a small set of scales, so I can weigh them instead (and add a couple extras, just to be sure).

There will be two dual-X upgrades.  Both include four extra V-wheels, but they differ in how they keep the distance between the X plates, and what distances they allow between the X rails.  Kit A uses standard bolts and nylon spacers, and works only with the two X rails touching each other, back to back (or bolted together, but no fasteners are included for that).  Kit B needs some M5 threaded rod which I’ll have to cut in pieces.  It is adjustable, and it allows the X rails to be as far as 40mm apart.  Kit B is a little stiffer: the nuts can be tightened more, because there are no nylon spacers to worry about.  It is also more difficult to assemble, and will probably end up costing a little more.

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