eShapeOko Batch Three Update

When the MakerSlide die problems had started, I made the cautious (read: wimpy) decision to wait until the rail was in sight before I ordered the relatively expensive laser-cut parts for this batch.

I began that process last week, when Harry got the rail from the extruder, but with the factory now closed for the year, there will be no parts until some point in January.

Pulleys are still a problem, but we have enough of them on hand for all the orders placed so far and a few more, but not the entire third batch.  Hopefully, SDP will get back to normal and resume manufacturing them soon.  I now have access to a lathe, so I can re-bore pulleys if I can find them with a smaller bore.  Of course, I’d rather not do that, but I’ll do it if I have no other choice — or to save £5 per pulley…

3 thoughts on “eShapeOko Batch Three Update

    • We send the kits as soon as we can, we don’t wait. If

      • the flexible couplers are lost in transit again, or
      • the balance of our order of toothed belt pulleys isn’t filled on time, or
      • the machinist forgets to ship the spindle mounts back to the laser fabricator for weeks on end again, or
      • the courier can’t find Harry’s address to pick up the MakerSlide again, or
      • if something entirely new happens,

      we will send as many kits as we can complete as soon as we can complete them, in the order in which the orders were received. The current estimate from the laser fabricator is “10-15 days” for the spindle mounts (which are laser-cut and then the holes machined), and that’s likely to be the longest lead time. We have a few flexible couplers, and more are on their way from Hong Kong in three separate packages, ETA unknown (but if two out of three make it, we’re good). My current best guess is that Batch Three will ship the week of 21 January. We’re working hard to ship Batch Two right now.

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