MakerSlide Finally Here

The UK-made MakerSlide arrived today from Harry Raley.  We were supposed to get it last Friday, but the courier, Nightfreight, “could not find the address” to pick it up from Harry.  More than once.  Their excuse?  New driver who doesn’t know the area very well (and apparently can’t read maps, can’t use satnav, can’t ask dispatch for help, and can’t use a mobile phone very well either).  I would have thought Harry was joking, except that the same thing had happened to me before too, with a different courier that shall remain nameless (FedEx, UPS, DHL, ParcelForce, TNT, Hermes all know that number 1 is usually the first house on the left side of the street; the Yodel driver didn’t, twice).

So, while the MakerSlide is indeed awesome, really nice and smooth, looks great anodized, and the bundle of two-metre sticks is a sight to behold, the chance of any of the eShapeOko kits arriving before Christmas is now exactly zero.  I’m cutting the rail today (Friday), and then booking the parcels to be picked up by the couriers, but I don’t think they would even pick them up, let alone deliver them, until after Christmas.

This pains me greatly, not least because I know that several of the orders were intended as gifts, and have been placed with plenty of time to spare, should everything have gone even remotely close to plan.  I can only ask for forgiveness, and hope that you, or your loved one for whom you so thoughtfully chose it as a gift, will find the kit was worth the wait.

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