EShapeoko 1.3 Assembly: Z rail

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You'll need the Z motor and leadscrew assembly from the previous step, the remaining parts from Pack 8, and the 250 mm MakerSlide rail.

Using the 14 mm long M5 screws with one washer each, through the two oval holes in the Z motor plate, attach the assembly to the MakerSlide, with the Vs of the MakerSlide toward the leadscrew. If using a NEMA 17 motor, one of those washers will have to be the smaller washer you set aside when you opened Pack 8, or it won't clear the bearing block. If using a NEMA 23 motor, it doesn't matter — just use the regular washers. Tighten the screws temporarily; you'll need to adjust the position of the plate later.

Make sure the leadscrew is parallel to the MakerSlide. Push and pull sideways to rotate the bearing in its holder and get the leadscrew parallel.

Loosen the screws holding the plate to the Z rail. Carefully insert the Z rail between the Z V-wheels. Line the lead nut up with the holes in the front X carriage plate, and use the 10 mm long M5 screws, with one washer each, to attach the lead nut to the X carraige. Making sure the leadscrew is still parallel to the Z rail, tighten the screws of the lead nut, then tighten the Z plate to the Z rail.

You may need to revisit this adjustment when you commission the machine.

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