EShapeoko 1.0 and 1.1 Dual-X Assembly Notes

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For dual-X machines wider than 375 mm, the kit includes bolts to attach the two X rails together.

Item Part Number Part Description Part Count (by X size)
500 mm 750 mm 1000 mm
1 EM-S3-20 M3 20mm cap screw 6 8 12
2 EM-W3 M3 washer 6 8 12
3 EM-N3TI M3 T-slot insertion nut 6 8 12

Bolt the X rails together

Do this step before assembling the X carriage.

Lay each piece of MakerSlide down, Vs facing up. The top side has only one T-slot. Divide the length of your X axis in roughly equal intervals, one more than you have pairs of screws (four intervals if 500 mm, five if 750 mm, seven if 1000 mm).

Drill three, four or six 3 mm holes at the bottom of the T-slot, through the core, exiting into the opposite T-slot. Precision is not essential, and the groove at the bottom of the T-slot should help keep the drill centered in the slot.

Do this for both X rails.

Put a washer on each screw, put the screw through the hole, and thread a T-slot nut on the screw (one turn, just enough that it doesn't fall off). Hold both pieces of MakerSlide vertically, one with the Vs facing you and the single slot to the left, the other one with the Vs facing away from you and the single slot to your right. Lift one up, locate them back-to-back, and slide the nuts on each rail into the slot of the opposite rail. Align them very carefully and tighten the screws.

You should now have a square 40 mm x 40 mm profile, with Vs on all four corners.

Assemble the carriage

When assembling the carriage, the instructions will lead to slightly too wide spacing between the V-wheels, because they were designed for X rails with a small space between them, not bolted together.

Before assembling the carriage, take one screw and put two V-wheels and all the spacers between them, and tighten. See how it rides on the rail, and remove washers and/or replace W5 washers with W5B washers to get exactly the required width. The W5 washer is about 1 mm thick, the W5B washer is about 0.8 mm thick, so this allows you to adjust the distance in 0.2 mm increments.

Sorry we can't give a specific configuration of washers, but the MakerSlide thickness may vary slightly between batches, so what works now may not work later. Also, nylon spacers compress when tightened, but aluminium spacers don't, so the configuration will be different even though the spacers are nominally the same size.

You'll have find the right combination of washers for the other four bolts of the carriage too (the Z wheel bolts). Those are less critical to get exactly right.