Stepper motor, NEMA23, 0.9° per step, 1.7 A, 9000 g·cm

Stepper motor, NEMA23, 0.9° per step, 1.7 A, 9000 g·cm
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Product Information

A bipolar (4-wire) NEMA 23 stepper motor with 400 steps per revolution (0.9 degrees per step). It is small for a NEMA 23 motor, but more powerful than any NEMA 17. It has a holding torque of 9000 g·cm (0.88 N·m, 125 oz·in). These motors are manufactured especially for us: we specified a current rating of 1.7 A, which allows small drivers to achieve optimum performance. Commonly available NEMA 23 motors tend to be rated 2 A and above, better suitable for larger drivers such as TB6560 and TB6600. This 1.7 A motor is perfect for Allegro A4983 and A4988, and Texas Instruments DRV8811, DRV8818 and DRV8825. These are the driver chips found on Pololu, StepStick and SureStepr driver modules, and on boards such as gShield/grblShield, TinyG, Smoothieboard, and the Sparkfun Stepoko. Higher current drivers, such as those based on the TB6560 and TB6600, are also a good match.

This is the ideal NEMA 23 motor for the Shapeoko and eShapeoko. Please note that you need NEMA 23 fasteners, spacers, pulleys and coupler (M5 fixing holes and 6.35mm shaft) to use these motors with the eShapeoko. These are available as an option when you purchase the kit (including for the Z axis), or you can purchase this kit to upgrade the X and Y axes of your existing eShapeoko, and this kit for the Z axis.

Technical Specifications

Form factor: NEMA 23

Motor length: 51 mm

Motor weight: 560 g

Shaft diameter: 6.35 mm (0.25 inch)

Step angle: 0.9°
Rated current: 1.7 A
Rated voltage: 6.8 V
Phase resistance: 4 ohm
Phase inductance: 14 mH
Holding torque: 9000 g·cm (0.88 N·m, 125 oz·in)
Rotor inertia: 240 g·cm2
Detent torque: 260 g·cm
Wiring: bipolar (4-wire)


Product Code M5-A17M
Condition New
Weight 0.650kg

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