eShapeOko Packing List

If you need to check the contents of the little baggies, here’s what should be in each of them: behold the eShapeOko v1.1 Packing List.  One of these will go in each box from now on, with the right boxes ticked.

You get only one pack from each section, depending on the options you choose.  There are 13 baggies in each kit, numbered roughly in the order you need them during assembly.  For Pack 12, the belts are 200 mm longer than the respective axis, and you get one for X and two for Y.  The last column covers items that don’t go in bags.  The connecting extrusion is 60 mm longer than the X axis, and you get two of them.  Only the Z MakerSlide is included in the kits in the shop at the moment, but normally you’d get two of the Y length and one (single X) or two (dual X) of the X length.  Most washers are packed by weight, so there are a few extras.  We also pack one extra EM-G5 bearing (wear it on a chain, for luck).

eShapeOko kits without MakerSlide

The eShapeOko kits without MakerSlide are now in the shop.  We have the kit with standard end plates (X axis size fixed at 375 mm), and a choose-your-own-size kit with open end plates.

Even though there’s no MakerSlide in the kits, the size still affects the price, because it changes the length of the belts, the number of screws and nuts for bolting the dual-X rail, the number of mid-span supports for the Y axis, and the length of the two pieces of aluminium extrusion that connect the front and back end plates together.