MakerSlide Update

The MakerSlide delivery arrived today. The pallets did not fit the way I expected, so I had to unload practically all of it to get it inside. This being England, of course it began raining minutes after I had removed the wrapping (and the rain stopped about the same time I finished, of course).

I haven’t had a chance to look at it carefully yet, but I’m doing that later tonight. Barring major problems, it should be in the shop tomorrow night at the latest.

V-wheel Precision Shim Washer Updated

MakerSlide is not here yet, but the day is still young.

pile-of-precision-washers In the meantime, these arrived from the States.  They are stainless steel precision washers, 1.00 mm thick, 5.00 mm inner diameter, 7.70 mm outer diameter (actual measurements 1.01 mm, 5.05 mm, 7.72 mm, with less than 0.01 mm variation between samples).  In addition to the increased precision, these have a major advantage over our old shim washers (and over those from Inventables, which are 10 mm outer diameter): they can not touch the bearing shields, because they are no wider than the inner race of the bearing.  This will reduce the chance of problems caused by shields that aren’t recessed enough, and eliminate one source of frustration when assembling your eShapeoko.


MakerSlide Update

It continues to amaze me how trivial the things that derail a schedule can be.  The plastic sleeve for packaging MakerSlide was out of stock, and arrived at the factory only last Friday.  The whole batch of MakerSlide sat in the warehouse, uncut, for more than a week, waiting for packaging material to arrive.  To reduce the risk of damage, the cut parts must go from the saw straight into the sleeves — so no sleeve, no cutting (that’s actually a good thing).  However, there are several other suppliers of the same type of sleeve, and we decided on the packaging material months ago, so one can’t help but wonder why we had to wait.

MakerSlide Update

I got the anodized samples of MakerSlide on Monday (three one-metre pieces, all three perfect), and I gave the go-ahead for cutting.  They should have finished by now.  I’ll get a fresh update in the morning.  Last week I was hoping we would get the delivery by the end of this week.  That’s still possible; I’ll know more tomorrow.